About Me

About me

Why hello there! Welcome to the Rayn Dance Blog!

I’m Keana Rayn, a yogi, wife, and the mom of two fur babies!

Yoga has been a beneficial part of my life since I was a teenager. At thirteen, my tummy hurt all the time and I was diagnosed with Colitis. My eating habits were awful , and in addition, exercise was something I dreaded.

I exhausted myself through grueling hours at the gym nearly everyday as an older teen. I obsessed over my workout routine, but if I missed a day I was devastated. Not because I enjoyed it, but because I felt that I had to do it!

I had an unhealthy relationship with exercise.

When I discovered yoga at fifteen, I could immediately see how it would help me manage my tummy problems!

I quickly found that yoga could not only help me build my strength and flexibility, but above all, it could allow me to get in tune with my body and feel at peace in my anxious mind.

Fast forward to today. At this point in my life, yoga allows me to quiet my mind, stay in shape, and most importantly feel great everyday!

That’s why I created this blog!

Wherever you are in your yoga journey, I want to help you get started or progress, and most of all, I want you to feel great!

Sanskrit names, fancy terms and tricky poses in yoga can be intimidating! But fear not! You can do this!

Here we’ll really break it down and talk about:

I want to show you that exercise can be fun! Let’s do this together!

A very special thanks to Estrella Annie Photography who took all of the gorgeous wildflower photos on this site!

Make sure to also check out her Insta page to see all of her beautiful photos!

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