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6 Yoga Poses for a Perfect Booty

We all want that perfect booty! You know the kind I’m talkin’ about. The kind that is firm and round and strong and muscular.

When we exercise the glutes, we improve posture, strengthen the back, and prevent future injury.

The glutes are also the largest muscles surrounding the hips, and working those muscles can additionally help to avoid hip and sciatic problems.

Here we’ll go over 6 yoga poses to tone and exercise the glutes, for the perfect booty!

This series is perfect for beginners, and advanced yogis!

Who can benefit from these poses?

  • Those looking for the a sculpted booty and toned glutes
  • Anybody who needs to strengthen the hips or back
  • People who work while sitting, and need to improve their posture
  • Anyone looking to lose weight

Try holding each pose for 10 – 30 seconds each. To really see results practice these poses regularly.

Now get ready to work that booty!

#1 Upward Plank

Upward plank pose against a white wall.

How about a real booty buster to start us off? Upward plank works the glutes, legs, core, and upper body.

Be sure to flex the glutes in order to engage those muscles and keep your hips in a straight line!

  • Begin by sitting
  • Plant your hands behind your hips with your fingers pointing toward you
  • Plant your feet on the ground and raise your hips to the sky
  • Engage your legs and core in order to create a straight line from head to toes
  • Pull the shoulders together and open the chest
  • Relax the head back

#2 Side Plank

Side plank against a white background.

Side plank is a great workout for the glutes, legs, and core. The glutes do a lot of the work in order to keep the hips in line, and the core works to keep you balanced.

  • Start in plank pose
  • Plant one hand on the mat and allow the opposite hand to reach to the ceiling
  • Imagine making a straight line from one hand to the other, and another line from your feet to your head
  • Stack the your top foot on the other
  • Hold your head up to keep your neck in line with your spine

#3 One Legged Plank

One legged plank against a white wall.

The perfect way to sculpt the booty, one legged plank engages the core and the legs to keep you balanced, while the glutes get a serious workout while lifting a leg!

  • Start in plank pose
  • Plant your weight onto the ball of one foot
  • Raise the other foot off the ground a few inches and hold
  • Pull your belly button in toward the spine in order to activate the core

#4 High Lunge

High lunge against a white wall.

High lunge is a great way to melt away fat on the glutes and legs! While the front leg lunges, the back leg and glute muscles are activated to hold your balance.

  • Begin by standing at the back of your mat
  • Step one foot forward until your feet are far apart
  • Bend your front leg to be parallel with the ground, keeping your knee directly above your ankle
  • Rotate your back foot until you are on the ball of the foot with toes pointing forward
  • Swivel the hips to face forward
  • Reach to the sky and point gaze forward
  • Repeat on the other side

#5 Chair Pose

Chair pose against a white wall.

Just like doing squats, chair pose will work the entire lower body and help to build the perfect yoga butt! Additionally, because you are holding your balance, you also get a great core workout!

  • Start by standing with feet hip width apart
  • Bend your knees and drop your bottom toward the ground as if you were going to sit in a chair
  • Swoop your hands forward and up toward the sky and allow your gaze to follow until you are looking upward

#6 Half Moon Pose

Half moon pose against a white wall.

Half moon is a fantastic booty workout! It also works the core and legs, while also helping to improve balance.

  • Begin by standing
  • Plant one foot into the ground, facing forward
  • Raise the other leg straight up and point the foot away
  • Bend from the hips toward the floor
  • Plant fingertips on the ground below the shoulder for balance
  • Rotate your hips and chest to face outward
  • Point the opposite hand to the sky and follow the fingers with your gaze

Do you feel the burn? I do!

If you practice these poses regularly, they can help to burn fat, boost the metabolism, sculpt the booty, and build muscle!

Don’t worry if you can’t hold each pose for very long at first. With regular practice, you will be able to hold each pose for longer!

Progress is exciting! Share your progress in the comments below to inspire others!

What do I need before I get started?

You don’t need anything in order to start practicing yoga except for your own motivation! However, having some of these things can be helpful, and can make us feel more motivated and confident in our practice!

Here are some of my favorites! :

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of yoga poses for the perfect booty!

Which one of these poses is your favorite? How has your practice changed after incorporating these poses? Inspire others by commenting below!

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